A CG Story: Grace

Mollie Beck

A story I believe is important to understand the background of Continue Good follows...
Tennis has shaped my life a lot, grace has shaped my life the most. Growing up working hard day in day out to play for a Div. 1 college taught me hard work pays off. I have another level of passion for impacting lives through apparel compared to tennis. I'm dedicated to applying passion & hard work towards Continue Good. However, this all wouldn't be possible without grace in my life. Grace is a large part of Continue Good's story. I was saved by grace my freshman year of college which has shaped this company immensely. My coach here, Jon Messick, showed me great grace during a long lasting injury allowing me to transition from a player to a team manager keeping my scholarship throughout. Grace is powerful. Continue Good wants to show you grace. Stay with us along this journey and that time will come!

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