Week 10: There's no love in tennis... Truth or Myth?

Wednesday story time!

We paired up for a tennis, wine tasting, & CG popup shop event in Kansas City. So with all this tennis talk brings back an uplifting story that is pre-Continue Good but very impactful personally❤️ 

I got the chance to play D1 college tennis & really enjoyed it. Competing was part of my identity & my closest of friends were my teammates.

However, my Junior year I started having back & shoulder injuries, which is very common in college sports. But these injuries became long lasting & were stopping me from competing. The physical therapy was taking over my life & not showing signs of improvement after more than a year.

Mid senior year I made the very tough decision to tell my coach I couldn’t keep up with the PT & knew my body wouldn’t be able to compete at that high of a level anymore; I quit what I always knew. It was an emotional time as I knew I was letting down my teammates & coaches that I care deeply for. I expected my scholarship to be gone.

What I didn’t expect was to be called back into my coach's office a day later to be told I could remain on full scholarship. My role switched to a team encourager & manager which felt very right.

I’m sharing this story because my coach Jon showed me such grace & kindness that I didn’t deserve or merit, but out of the goodness of his heart. I will be forever grateful for this grace & wanted to pass on his kindness & impact in my life.

And to answer the question; the saying there's no love in tennis is a MYTH!

Thanks for reading!



Selfies with coach on Halloween!


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