Simple Painting Ideas

Mollie Beck


-Canvas (whichever size you want)
-Any decorations you want to use for your painting (acrylics, oils, watercolor, markers, 3D objects, etc.)


1. Go to your local craft store and buy any needed materials... make sure to use the online coupon!

2. Invite some friends over for a 'Continue Good crafternoon' or enjoy some quiet time and make your painting!
3. Give your painting away for your Continue Good outreach! Gift to your relative, a loved one going through a sickness, bring to a hospital for patients to enjoy, hospice, homeless person, so many options!

Fun & Easy Painting Ideas

Buy a wood canvas at Hobby Lobby, Target, Michael's, etc. for a rustic painting. 

Buy a 3D object and add it to your painting!

Paint the same pattern for 2 canvases for a modern look. 

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