Generation Clothing

YAY. Continue Good Generation Clothing is HERE! 


  • Inspired by our sweet son Calvin Edsel Beck IV next in the family generational line. So much is passed down generations, good and bad. We want to fight for the GOOD to be passed along generations.

  • On the days you sport Continue Good Generation clothing let it serve as a reminder that you are capable to stand and fight for GOOD impact in your life and the generations to come.

  • When you wear CG clothing know you are making a generational impact just by making a purchase that contributes to ending human trafficking. Find out more about our Giving Partner here.

  • We will have clothing for each generation! This is our starting point but stay tuned for more!

    We understand life can be sooo hard sometimes. We have to fight by letting go and standing in faith for the right perspective. When you wear CG Generation clothing, take a deep breath and try to shine your light amidst difficult circumstances. Some days that could mean wearing your CG clothing and giving a smile to a stranger even on a really hard day, remembering who you are and how much you matter, or on the days where your cup is full continuing good to others in powerful and bold ways. For me it’s easy to feel weak and unmotivated some days especially when stressed but when I think about the generational impact my voice and actions can make by standing in my values and faith I have so much more motivation. We hope this clothing line motivates you to reach a little higher, dig a little deeper, and consider how much worth you truly do have.