Continue Good is an online retail company founded in 2017. We are in the business of selling mens and women's apparel. 


Hello! I'm Mollie & I founded this company to bring light & love into others lives. What's unique about Continue Good is that it involves the customer. I personally can create an impact; but I realized I would need a company that involves the customer because so much more can be done together. 
How this works is based on what you bought you are given a Continue Good challenge. CG challenges ask you to love others through a simple good deed. Ex: buying floral print you are challenged to randomly give someone flowers. The fun part is that you receive a gift after doing your CG challenge and shared your experience on social media or emailed us.
The gift is a way to thank people for being a light to someone in the dark. 

These are some ways customers have completed their Continue Good Challenge.

  • There have been homeless shelter outreaches & family outreaches, such as a sister giving a plant to her sister to tell her she cares & values her.
  • People buying coffee for a stranger in line behind them or treating their hurting friend to lunch.
  • An animal-lover adopted three bunnies after the Thomas wildfires left them abandoned.
  • A food and beverage worker brought donuts to a nursing home after his shift to make their night. 
  • Someone left the postman treats, a granddaughter brought flowers to her grandmother, a woman volunteered to read weekly to a child in a poverty stricken area school. 


Continue Good (noun): apparel company that encourages customers to love others in their community
continue good (verb): loving others through doing a random good deed after buying a Continue Good product