Continue Good (noun): company that encourages customers to spread kindness in their community

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." -Aesop

Hello! I'm Mollie & I founded this company in 2017 to bring light & love into others lives. Since then my husband Calvin has come on board and brings so much passion and energy into growing and making a bigger difference! What's unique about Continue Good is that it involves the customer. I personally can try to create an impact but I realize I need a company that involves the customer because so much more can be done together. 
How this works is the back of your candle has an idea to continue good to someone (AKA, do a small act of kindness). Our hope is that you freely choose to be a light to someone and discover it'll bring you joy along with the kindness shown to them. 
We gladly donate 10% of sales to Exodus Road, an organization that strategically fights human trafficking.

The Exodus Road is a trusted anti-human trafficking organization that believes ordinary people can make a difference.