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Question: What is the difference between Continue Good and continue good?

AnswerContinue Good (noun): apparel company with a social mission

continue good (verb): accepting the Continue Good challenge & based on what you bought; doing a random good deed 


Question: If I purchase multiple products, how does my Continue Good challenge work?

Answer: You choose one of the products you purchased to continue good with. 


Question: What if I have continued good before but want to again, will I receive the same Gift?

Answer: Never. Continue Good marks what product is gifted to you & will always switch it up. 

Question: If I continue good multiple times will I receive multiple gifts?

Answer: If the purchases are in separate times - so you buy one on 12/2/17 and another on 12/3/17 then yes you can receive multiple gifts. But for a purchase on 12/2/17 where you buy 4 products, you can only receive one gift and choose one way to continue good.


Question: What do you do with my social media account information?

Answer: Continue Good asks for your social media username so that we can track if you tag us in a post and sometimes repost your post on our media accounts. We will thoughtfully choose what gift best fits your style based on your personality shining through your social media profile. Besides this, we keep your personal information extremely confidential.


Question: What ways are acceptable to share my continue good challenge so that I can receive my free gift?

Answer: By tagging any of our Continue Good accounts on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter. If you don't use social media or don't feel comfortable posting, sharing your story through email is acceptable to light@continuegood.com