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Founder: Mollie Lynne Beck (formerly Cooper) 

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 A Little About the Founder & How Continue Good Came To Be

 Written by Andrea Darr of KC Homes & Style

Mollie Beck has always been inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit.
The Kansas City resident watched and learned from her father from an early age. “I saw the benefits of creating your own company and the flexibility that comes with it,” Mollie says.
So at 24, the apparel design graduate launched her own online retail shop, Continue Good, but with a twist. Because equally inspiring to her is helping and giving to others.
While undecided between nursing and design majors in her freshman year at Colorado State University, where she was studying on a tennis scholarship, Mollie’s teammates encouraged her to pursue her passion for creativity and art.
“I was going through some life changes and looking at who I was and what I believed,” she recalls. “It changed how I look at people. I decided I wanted to bring light and love to others’ lives, and I could do it through fashion.”
“What I think is unique about Continue Good is involving the customer,” she says.
Mollie has spent her short lifetime enjoying serving others, yet she understood early on in establishing the company that her volunteer and outreach efforts could only go so far.
“I personally can create an impact and love others, but I realized I would need a company that involves the customer because so much more can be done,” Mollie explains.
One continue good outreach that touched Mollie was when a customer named Lynn overheard a mom telling her child that she couldn’t afford a toy at Savers thrift store. “Lynn felt she could do something,” Mollie recounts. “She didn’t want to overstep or offend the woman, but she simply went up and offered to help. There were tears in the woman’s eyes. She was thankful and appreciative, and it just took a bit of boldness on the customer’s end. She felt great and it was totally worth it.”
Another Continue Good customer in LA, who was an animal-lover, adopted three bunnies after the Thomas wildfires left them abandoned. A food and beverage worker brought donuts to a nursing home after his shift to make their night. There have been homeless shelter outreaches and even family outreaches, such as a sister giving a plant to her sister to tell her she cares and values her.
While her young company establishes itself in the online community of fashion retailers, Mollie wants more than success for just herself.
“I want to create a movement,” Mollie says.