About Continue Good

Continue Good (noun): company that encourages customers to spread kindness in their community.

Hello! I'm Mollie & I founded Continue Good in 2017 to bring light & love into others lives. My talented husband Calvin came on board in 2018 and brings so much passion and energy into making a bigger difference in the world! Because of incredible customers like you we've been able to grow our team! :) As well as grow our family - meet our biggest blessing, Calvin Edsel Beck IV (Vinnie for a nickname). Read on for more of our journey!

What makes Continue Good unique is that we believe kindness is better spread when it's done together. We want to be a light in one of the darkest crimes therefore we give 10% to fight human trafficking.

We hand-pour candles that have ideas to spread kindness on the physical product and our small batch roasted coffee energizes customers to act on those ideas to spread kindness.

How this works is the back of your candle has an idea to continue good to someone (AKA, do a small act of kindness). Our hope is that you freely choose to be a light to someone and discover it'll bring you joy along with the kindness shown to them.

We have a candle club that means you get a new candle plus more perks to your doorstep each month. Sign up here :)

In addition to our products, we also spread kindness through community outreaches, our online platforms, through our Continue Goodies (click to learn more), and by donating a portion of our profit.

As mentioned above, we are passionate about ending human trafficking. We donate 10% to The Exodus Road, an organization based in Colorado that strategically fights human trafficking. The Exodus Road is a trusted anti-human trafficking organization that believes ordinary people can make a difference. Learn more about them here.

Due to the overwhelming support and demand of Continue Good, we renovated our storage barn into a full scale candle barn! Below you'll see what it used to look like!

After an amazing transformation, we're now able to manufacture and ship thousands of hand-poured candles per week out of our Continue Good Candle Barn with the help of these amazing candle-makers! Read on to meet our team. :)

Meet Tracy! She takes great care of our Wholesale, Events, & Outreaches and just so happens to be my AMAZING mom. She makes friends with anyone and is just about the friendliest person I know. We love her and don't know what we would do without her help. She is a rockstar tennis pro and her grandma name is gogo because she's a go-getter and always on the go either enjoying life or helping others! :) Her favorite candle is Joy!


Check out this loyal girl who is obsessed with animals. :) Meet KT! She makes and labels candles but also helps with so many various tasks! She has become head of quality control in the candle barn and helps with social media from time to time. What we love about KT is her bright ideas, sweet heart, sense of humor, laid back nature, and she keeps our team in line with some needed sass. KT we love having you be a part of CG! Her favorite candle is Cherish.


Meet Hailey! Hailey recently joined Continue Good and she blew us away with her friendliness and enthusiasm! She is working extremely hard and continues to impress us so much with her respectful and determined nature while managing our new shipping center! (We're calling it the Shipping Shed). Hailey is SO bubbly, fun, and amazing! Another animal lover and loves to continue good :)

Meet Markie! Markie is a long time friend of mine and is joining CG part time to help with customer service! She just had a darling baby girl named Elle and will work remotely. Markie is one of the most peaceful, life-giving, and authentic people I know. I love our friendship and we're so lucky she is giving her time to help with communicating and connecting with you!

Our aim is to continue growing the impact that Continue Good is having on the Kansas City community, in America, and all across the world.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about Continue Good and we can't wait to spread kindness with you!

With Love,

Mollie and the Continue Good Team