Private Labeling

Want our candles for your next event or business?

We provide our delicious smelling candles for weddings, birthday parties, showers, and any other event you can think of.

  • We offer wholesale pricing on candles.
  • A hand-designed & customized label to your event. Fee for the customization.
  • Labels are 100% customizable, get your creative juices flowing and we will bring your ideas to life!

For Businesses...

We will put your logo, company info or mission statement on the front label. On the back of the candle, choose a positive action that pertains to daily life at your office or within your business. Example: "Thank a coworker for always being a positive voice in the office!"

For Weddings...

We put the name of the happy couple, date, scent of the candle, location of the wedding or any other details you specify. On the back in place of "Continue Good by" you can put anything you want. We only hope you keep it a positive action! Examples: "Dance with the Bride & Groom" or "Tell someone they look beautiful!"

Click here for Private Labeling Form  

P.S. We are just getting started with these services and are willing to offer a discount for our beginning clients.