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Dive Deeper into the Enneagram

We've had the joy of partnering with Amy at Simply Wholehearted to create these Enneagram candles and better understand our Enneagram types. 

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Some Words from Amy

We all got that somethin' somethin' we all want to be known for, and I don't mean you that odd thing you can do with your arms or that Yoga pose that makes the rest of us secretly jealous.


Nope, I'm talking about the way you make others feel after you leave the room. You know, the unique essence you possess, which causes people to feel better after you've been around them.


In the nineties, I remember my parents coming home after a marriage conference and talking about personalities as different animals. A person could be a lion or a golden retriever. One could be studious and beaver-like. Still, heaven forbid you were really an otter, and you might not do anything serious with your life. 


In my first year of college, the DISC test was all the rage. Was I steady, influential, dominant, or compliant? And depending on the day, or environment, or hormone fluctuation, my answer felt wildly different. 


The classic Myers Briggs was also helpful to gain new employment, but let's not forget the best personality quiz of all time; What Type of Cheese Are You? I kid. Sort of.  


But then, I was introduced to the Enneagram


At first, I was like, "Ennea-what?" Tricky to pronounce and, seemingly, even more, mysterious to grasp. 


It wasn't long before I began to see what the Enneagram could offer. Instead of telling me what I do, this resource could help me understand why I do what I do. 


And it's helped me to not only acknowledge the differences in my relationships but to celebrate their unique contributions to the world


Now I see how one friend has this amazing ability to experience the powerful feelings of ordinary moments and then write and share them for the rest of us. 


And another offers clarity and order when I share my big ideas and crazy dreams.


It's why one of my daughters brings joy and lightheartedness when I'm stressed about my lack of achievements. But the other daughter is ready to defend all those on the other side of injustice. 


Best of all, when I need to relax and savor the moment, I now see why my husband reminds me that my worth is not found in my work.


Are you aware of the impact you make in other's lives?   


Bettering the lives of others might be easier than you think, and more natural to you than achieving the perfect Yoga pose.


The Enneagram shines a light on the superpower we have to offer the world and celebrates our strengths. It also gives us insight into what can trigger our stress, the areas we need more maturity, and even why our in-laws drive us crazy. 


Best of all, the Enneagram gives clarity on who you were before the world told you who had to be.  


But first, you have to begin. 


Begin your journey to understand what the Enneagram is, what it is not, and what it can do for you. As you embark on this worthwhile adventure, it's essential to keep in mind that the Enneagram is better explored through story and conversation. An Enneagram test could help you determine a number, but what does that number actually mean? Can you be sure you haven't been mistyped? And where do you go from there? 


This is why I'm passionate about helping others, like you, harness the knowledge of the Enneagram for all it's worth. 


Your next best step is to get the FREE Easy Enneagram Typing Guide to narrow down and compare all Nine Types in less than 10 minutes. 


And then you can learn what the Enneagram is, what it is not, and what it can do for you in just under 30 minutes, in the Easy Enneagram 101 videos. 


After you do share with others about all you've learned, get the Easy Enneagram 201 workshop. In the 30 minutes, it will take you to complete all the videos I'll teach you about the Stances and Triads so you can be confident of your dominant Type. Plus, it's a brilliant way to learn your spouse’s, children's, and friend's Type. 


Most importantly, your new-found knowledge will not only teach you the differences in the people around you, but it will help you celebrate them. The Enneagram has grown my compassion, taught me how to better celebrate growth, and love others really well. 


You were made to understand and bring your unique impact on the world. What are you waiting for? Let's go on this discovery together.