Continue Goodies in Each Order
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Continue Goodies in Each Order

What are Continue Goodies? 

 We're filling the gap between kind thoughts and action with Continue Goodies! The goal is to equip you to spread kindness in your community by including a FREE item in each order. We want to make it a lot easier to #ContinueGood so we include a 'goodie' in each order.


Examples of Continue Goodies

  • Homeless Box idea (we included a toothbrush, checklist of ideas for other items to include, box to re-use)

  • Relevant Stickers

  • Fall Goodie Box idea (we included a fall leaf, checklist of ideas for others items to include, sticker, box to re-use)

  • Uplifting Coloring book 

  • Notes to gift

  • Charms

  • Water balloons in the Summer


Please always let us know if you have any stories from when you received your item and were able to #ContinueGood to someone :) I'm asking in case you have a fun story and we can propel the kindness on by sharing it with our CG community! Plus it makes our day and touches us more than you know. :D
Or contact us if you want to partner for this or have ideas for us!
Email for any stories
DM @continuegoodco on Instagram
Message Continue Good on Facebook!


Example of Christmas season Continue Goodies!
  1. Handmade card that has a sweet message (intended for you to giveaway to someone on your heart)
  2. Kids Box (we include a kids toy, checklist of ideas for other items to include, sticker on top of box, and box to re-use)