How the Continue Good Challenge works! 

The clothing you buy directs your Continue Good Challenge!

Example: Lili bought floral print leggings & is up for the continue good challenge. Floral print encourages CG customers to randomly give flowers to someone. Lili will do this or choose another way to do a simple good deed if she isn't into giving flowers. :)
Lili decided to deliver flowers & a sweet note to her grandmothers front door. So now she can email or message CG how she #continuedgood & CG will share her story OR Lili can post something kind on social media about the person she gave flowers to (her grandmother) & tag continue good; we will send her a free gift based on her style OR donate the money spent on her gift to our current charity.


It's optional to continue good.

If you don't feel comfortable with how CG is encouraging you to continue good, feel free to choose a different way!

If you purchase more than one product: pick one product and follow its ideas to continue good.