The Continue Good Fund

We donate 10% of our sales to the CG Fund.

We set up the CG Fund for the purpose of enabling our community (you!) to continue good to those around you. For example, in most of our orders we include a special item or gift card for you to give away.


Examples of Giveaway Items...

  • Items to give away to those in need: Hats, gloves, food, journals, fast food gift cards.
  • Gift cards: Coffee shop (to get coffee with a lonely friend), Restaurant (to get together with a loved one going through a hard time or with someone who's been on your mind)
  • Continue Good Products: items to gift to someone just because! 

We also will give a large portion of the CG Fund to The Exodus Road, an amazing organization that strategically fights human trafficking.

*Note: If you have any ideas for ways to spread kindness in your community, email us and we could possibly help fund it!