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Month 1 with our Candles!

Mollie Beck

Hey there! Thanks for being here. It’s been around a month since launching our handmade candles & I wanted to give a little backstory on Continue Good!

Continue Good was originally founded as an online retail boutique by Mollie in 2017. But after a lot of life changes, a transition was desired. Calvin approached me with a well-crafted candle presentation at one of our favorite places, the Lakehouse; where we got engaged! What’s amazing is that candles were my original idea for Continue Good. So, with eager hearts we set out to become candle makers and here we are! We plan for this to be just the start. 

Our Be a Light candles are made with natural soy wax, safe scents, and a cozy wood wick. 10% of your purchase goes to The Exodus Road, an anti-human trafficking organization based in Colorado Springs that we know is making a difference.

Since launching in August we've witnessed very encouraging stories of customers spreading love and kindness. Check it out below!

  • Brittany got the welcome home candle which encourages you to leave a treat for your mailman. So, she had her daughter and her friend run out to give gum to the delivery person.
  • A male customer was behind a man at Quik-Trip who couldn’t pay for his drink. So this customer followed the man outside and gave him a few dollars to pay for his drink.
  • A customer was going to a coffee shop and saw a homeless man outside. So she brought the man an iced coffee and a pumpkin scone. He was quite the comedian and they had a great conversation about life and their beliefs.

 The unexpected kindness is so neat to witness.

Thank you for shining your light and being a part of Continue Good!


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