Week 15: Act on your Gut Feelings – Continue Good
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Week 15: Act on your Gut Feelings

Mollie Beck

It's a delight to share how my grandmother Donna #continuedgood when an opportunity presented itself that ended up preventing a bad accident!

After ordering the Statement Dress Donna was encouraged to think of her own way to continue good. She was helping at her church's welcome desk & an elderly man who was having some trouble walking asked her where the coffee was. She pointed him in the right direction but as he was walking away she had a gut feeling she should go walk him over to the ☕️ station.

So Donna took the man's arm & a couple seconds later he started falling to the floor. She was able to brace his fall. The man was dazed & ended up going to the hospital but luckily Donna #continuedgood & stepped up to help him so he didn't have a terrible fall.

These are the kind of loving acts that Continue Good can't specifically encourage customers to do but we love & support when our customers think of their own ways to continue good when they buy a plain print garment. 💞 There are opportunities that present themselves like this one that we encourage customers to take time to listen & act on your gut feelings.

Thanks for reading & have a spectacular week!

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