Candle Craft Ideas

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When buying wax and fragrance keep in mind it's 1 oz. of fragrance per 1 lb. of wax. 1 pound of wax makes about 3 8 oz. candles.

-Wax (prefer Soy wax because it's easier to clean out of pans)
-Double boiler (two pots can work or a pot and a glass measuring bowl)
-Glue dot (used to secure the wick in the bottom, hot glue works as well)
-Thermometer (any type of candy thermometer will work)
-Candle containers (mason jars, coffee  cups, tin cans)
- Wicks
-Dye Chips (I use crowns in this one but having colored candles is completely optional)
-Labels (you can create your own labels if you want. is a good resource)

1. Get all your materials. 
Your local Hobby Lobby or Michael's will have materials. Or 

2. Melt your wax using a double boiler.
Once wax completely melts into liquid, use your thermometer to test the temperature. 
At 185 degrees, do step 3 and 4
3. Add the dye chips (if you decided to get
4. Add the fragrance. (reminder* 1 lb. of wax per 1 oz. of fragrance) Stir gently 20 times each direction.
5. Turn off heat.
While the wax is cooling, get your containers and wicks ready.
Use a glue dot or hot glue to secure the wick to the bottom of the container. Make sure wick is centered.
6. Once the wax cools to 135 degrees, carefully pour the wax into the container. 
7. Let the candle cool overnight. Trim the wick down to about a quarter of an inch. 
8. Add labels to the candles if you want.

Congrats you are done with your wonderful candles!

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